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View Your Home 3D is run by Ger Haugh who has spent many years designing, manufacturing and fitting kitchens and cabinets. The View Your Home 3D company is a kitchen and cabinet design & advice service that allows people to see their home design ideas and visions come to life.


This creative process allows your ideas to be viewed from all angles, ensuring you make best use of your space.

View Your Home 3D can show you what your room can look like with specific furniture, lighting and even decorations.


By availing of this service, you can see if your ideas work in your space, you can then modify any errors before anything is bought or done within that space. This can save you time, a lot of unnecessary stress, and money.


Kitchen Design

If you have grown tired of your kitchen, may find the kitchen isn't working for your family as it is cramped and restricted, there is too much clutter as you may not have enough storage facilities. If everything you need is out of reach or hard to find. Maybe you find you don't have much space in your kitchen, but you don't know how to possibly change it to suit. We can help you to create a visually appealing kitchen which is also highly functional. We can create for you High Quality 3D images of your newly designed kitchen with all your favourite designs ideas including your chosen appliances, worktops, colours, etc. And remember this is your kitchen, we pride ourselves in working with our customers to help them design their kitchen for their own personal needs and taste.


We all have these ideas of knocking walls, building walls within our home, moving things from room to room, sealing up doorways, creating new doorways and so on. But is it going to be practical when the job is done? We can work with you and listen to your ideas and in turn create a 3D visualisation of your plans. You will have the opportunity then to see how it all looks within your home before you even start work, we can create images of your existing room with your new ideas for you. This in turn will minimise any problems before the process starts, you will be creating a plan before you start renovating. This is extremely important as you don't want there to possibly be any excessive changes along the way, as changes can cost you more time and money when re-modelling.

Our 3D rendering service would be the perfect solution for the problems people face when they're trying to visualise how the room with the furniture you are thinking of buying, the TV stand you're thinking of buying or having professionally made. If you're thinking of updating your living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. If you're thinking of changing your old furniture for new furniture but would like to see what it would look like in your room. You're thinking of moving your TV to the other side of the room, or you might want to modernise your existing TV unit and can't picture how it will look.

New Builds/Extensions

Creating an extension onto your home can indeed be a stressful job. With our 3D interior design images, you can take a virtual walkthrough of your space and get a lasting impression and a true visualisation walkthrough of its final image before the actual work begins. You won't need to then imagine the result of your new build or extension when you can see it first-hand

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