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On ordering a 3D Design package from us, we will need from you:


1. A full complete set of 2d plans with exact measurements to include window sizes, door sizes, openings, ceiling heights etc. or if you are fully confident in measuring the room yourself then a simple hand drawn sketch of the room with measurements can be used.

If the room is an existing room such as a kitchen that you're looking to update, then you can simply take pictures with your smartphone etc. and you can send them on to us through WhatsApp or by email, this in turn can help us with making your room more realistic.

2. A list of your ideas for the room, with this you can include images you may have found online, in a catalogue etc.


3. Your contact details. 




All design fees are payable on order!


A call out KITCHEN MEASURING & CONSULTATION SERVICE is also available at a price of €100.00 payable over the phone before site visit. 




If you're interested in availing of our services,

please contact us to discuss pricing.

It's best to let us know your requirements, so we can confirm appropriate pricing with you. 

3D Drawings Starting from as little as €150.00.

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